Welcome to Eye on My City Website Network

Americans have lost trust in their government at the national level and have watched the same freedom-hindering policies seeping into their own local communities causing great angst with their every day lives and their ability to live as free people.

At the core of every American is a desire to live free, make decisions for themselves and be at peace with their neighbors. Our government doesn’t understand that core principle and it is time for us to educate them once again on what Americans want!

That’s why we started this special website to inform local citizens about local government and school board shenanigans while keeping an Eye on crime, over-burdensome regulations and other personal attacks on our every day lives. The local newspapers are no longer representing the views of every day Americans and that’s why Eye On My City was birthed.

We Will Be Posting Opinion Pieces About Various Happenings In Our City and we’ll give it a WINK, STINK or THINK

Depending on what we think. It’s our opinion and we would love to hear yours.






Reclaim America one city at a time.

Eye plans to have Eye On My City set up in every city across America that desires to have another view of local news. If there is a loud cry out for a local publication of Eye On My City, we will work with you and your team to make it happen. Our articles will be researched well and written to educate the community about issues that will affect any of the We Believe statements noted above. We will find the best writers, editors and researchers in each community that has a nose for truth vs just opinion pieces.

We will set up an Editorial Board to review articles before placement. This is important to creating integrity and safeguarding our followers from online attacks. We will post some opinion pieces because that is where dialogue and debate meets truth.

A focus on issues that reek of Cronyism and Corruption as well as writing articles that Encourage Accountability and Integrity will be at the core of our writings Anything that affects our children negatively in the schools, by local government entities or because of crime will be a bedrock of our writings as well.

We will use a system to mark our articles with either a Wink Eye, Stink Eye or Think Eye so our readers will quickly understand the gist of the article.

This system will be used to hold our political and school servants accountable. They will surely be more excited to get a Wink than a Stink! A Think Eye means the article is one that we believe will make you think about the issue in a deeper way.