Reclaiming America One City at a Time


Americans have lost trust in their government at the national level and have watched the same freedom-hindering policies seeping into their own local
communities causing great angst with their every day lives and their ability to live as free people.

At the core of every American is a desire to live free, make decisions for themselves and be at peace with their neighbors. Our government doesn’t understand that core principle and it is time for us to educate them once again on what Americans want!

That’s why we started this special website to inform local citizens about local government and school board shenanigans while keeping an Eye on crime, over-burdensome regulations and other personal attacks on our every day lives. The local newspapers are no longer representing the views of every day Americans and that’s why Eye On My City was birthed.


  • Government officials should work for us – not the other way around
  • Taxes should be minimal and there should be more accountability in how our tax dollars are spent
  • Transparency must be a core value of all governmental decisions
  • All transactions should be fair and special, backroom deals with friends or donors of the Mayor or others in political offices should never be a part of
    decision making with our tax dollars
  • School boards should be accountable to the parents and they should educate our children with the highest quality programs available while keeping political ideology and progressive cultural ideas out of the schoolroom
  • Enforcing the Rule of Law by strictly managing crime MUST be the top priority for our city leaders. Tough laws and tough enforcement is a must to keep law-abiding citizens safe and criminals kicked out of our cities
  • “Love thy Neighbor” should be a motto of every city in America. We do not support any policies that separate or demean others simply because they have different views.
  • Our cities should be well managed and maintained for the use of all our neighbors and visitors to our community. An atmosphere of “Welcome!” should be felt in every city in America. It’s the American way!
  • By living with these beliefs– We Believe we can… 

Reclaim America one city at a time.


Eye plans to have Eye On My City set up in every city across America that desires to have another view of local news. If there is a loud cry out for a local publication of Eye On My City, we will work with you and your team to make it happen. Our articles will be researched well and written to educate the community about issues that will affect any of the We Believe statements noted above. We will find the best writers, editors and researchers in each community that has a nose for truth vs just opinion pieces.

We will set up an Editorial Board to review articles before placement. This is important to creating integrity and safeguarding our followers from online attacks. We will post some opinion pieces because that is where dialogue and debate meets truth.

A focus on issues that reek of Cronyism and Corruption as well as writing articles that Encourage Accountability and Integrity will be at the core of our writings Anything that affects our children negatively in the schools, by local government entities or because of crime will be a bedrock of our writings as well.

We will use a system to mark our articles with either a Wink Eye, Stink Eye or Think Eye so our readers will quickly understand the gist of the article.

This system will be used to hold our political and school servants accountable. They will surely be more excited to get a Wink than a Stink! A Think Eye means the article is one that we believe will make you think about the issue in a deeper way.

Expose Corruption and Cronyism and Encourage Accountability and Integrity in our city governments

Teach people to Love America Again

Disrupt big educational bureaucracy infecting our children’s minds against American exceptionalism

Reduce crime by caring for our neighbors and creating accountability to keep them safe

Support local businesses

Share our plan, ideas and strategies with other leaders and activists in cities across the nation

We will be posting Opinion Pieces about various happenings in our city and we’ll give it a WINK, STINK or THINK

Depending on what we think. It’s our opinion and we would love to hear yours.






    Billie Tucker Volpe

    Billie is the founder of Eye On My City. Her background of working with CEOs for 30 years and as one of the nation’s most well known leaders of the tea party movement has given her the ability to see what every day Americans want from their government. Her bottom-line to what people want from government is this — “Not much and to be left alone!”

    She realized government had become too BIG and the freedoms of Americans were lessened daily. Corruption and cronyism seemed to be the norm and that wasn’t right! She also watched the local media lie and twist facts in the newspaper and on the local news stations.

    This tactic wasn’t just at the national level, but locally the media had turned sour too! It got so bad that local newspapers started shrinking and disappearing because readership no longer believed their stories.

    She concluded her influence in the realm of business and politics meant she must do something to help others understand how dangerously close we all are to losing more and more of our freedoms. The one way she could help would be through providing the “other side of the story” at Eye On My City.

    In 2019, Billie formed the first Eye On My City in Jacksonville, FL and is proud Eye has become a platform to be reckoned with in her hometown. Eye helped expose one of the biggest scandals that resulted in the indictment of city players in a scheme to sell Jacksonville’s number one asset, the Jacksonville Electric Authority. Other stories created anxiety of local city leaders and many were thrilled that good stories were written when they did good things!

    The results of this platform is now helping us move across America. We know it works. We know people want it. We know it’s time for more Eyes to open up in all communities across the country.

    May the “Eyes” have it and may God bless America!