Don’t let media poke your colony

As a child did you ever poke a hornet’s nest then almost instantly realize it was a bad choice when the angry mob of hornets came after you? Or, perhaps poke an ant hill to observe how you have disrupted their colony and driven them into chaos?

Does it feel like someone is poking your colony? We are becoming afraid to express ourselves, share opinions, or share our beliefs out of fear we will be attacked, fired from a job, or denied a service. How is this possible in a “free” country?

We aren’t free if we have to censor our thoughts or actions out of fear from the fierce and viscous “woke” mob. The very thought of protestors outside your home, business, or place of worship has become reality. There is a very sinister movement sweeping our nation, and mainstream media is providing the brooms.

News 4 Jax, a local media outlet, recently published an article about a gun raffle sponsored by a club, Pride of Hilliard Football Club. News 4 Jax opens the article stating that “some” viewers expressed concern. Some? Is this News 4 Jax trying to poke the colony?

Hilliard is a small town, and the football club provides invaluable support for both the youth and the community. I reached out to the club’s president, Jody Pickett, to ask if this had happened before. He said that this was the third year they have had the raffle, and this was the first time there was public concern. I also asked if the club was receiving any harassment as a result of the article, and was surprised when he said no.

The Pride of Hilliard Football Club is a shining example of how youth flourish when they have role models and mentoring. Had the News 4 Jax article been written in Houston, Chicago, or Los Angeles the outcome might have been quite different. Outrage, hostility, and protesting to cancel or end the organization would likely have followed.

Researcher and Writer Debbie a native of New York became a resident of Jacksonville via the U.S. Navy. After separating from the navy she worked for both Grumman Aerospace and later Northrup-Grumman Aerospace. After almost 20 years in the aviation industry, she went back to college to change professions. Going back to school as an adult that had lived all over the United States and abroad she had experience in culture and circumstance, which created an incongruity with the material being taught. At that point she began questioning the validity of the material and made the observation that to pass her courses she had to agree, at least on paper, with the material. She graduated about the same time as the Wall Street crash of 2008 and jobs were now difficult to find. So, with time on her hand she began to look into other areas to see if the incongruity existed outside of the college curriculum as well. This is where her mission for the truth began. Since then she has worked to get facts out to the public.


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