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Jacksonville, Florida is a wonderful place to live. The opportunities are huge and the natural resources are vast. It has so much potential to be better than she is already and we know she will grow and glow in the years ahead.
Eye On My City was formed to hold our local elected officials accountable to making her a safe city to live and work in and one that looks out for the welfare of all her citizens.
This site is designed to put an Eye on our local elected leaders and hold them accountable to integrity and transparency in everything they do for us and expose any corruption and cronyism that will harm our beloved city.
We do our best to research our facts and we have our own opinions here as well. Opinions are good and opens up debate where the truth of the matter can be defined.
We welcome you to join in with your comments, send suggested news items, and even write your own articles for our site. All submitted articles will be reviewed by our Editorial Board before placement.

Enjoy your time on our site! We will promise to keep our “Eye” open for you and report the news that will help you live a better life here!

Candidate says she was intimidated by opponent’s husband and Board Appointee

School Board candidate April Carney said she was intimidated by the husband ofher opponent this week and she was shaken

Breaking News:  High School diploma not needed for America’s Military

U.S. Army announced it is dropping a long-standing requirement for a high school diploma or GED for volunteers. Recently, the military services

Sonny B: Justice Clarence Thomas speaks and I agree with one slight change

This is my response to two articles taken from the NY Post and Redstate.com of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence

Tiny liberal newspaper is not a melting pot

The remnant of what used to be a major newspaper in Florida is failing — on its ownterms.Now a liberal

Property fraud alerts now are available in the Jacksonville area

Property Appraiser Jerry Holland is taking steps to ward off a threat that has been getting South Florida residents swindled

Deadline to change political parties is approaching

There are only a few days left to become a Republican and help save America.The deadline to change party affiliation

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Eye’s Citizen of the Month did not give up the

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Candidate says she was intimidated by opponent’s husband and Board

School Board candidate April Carney said she was intimidated by the husband ofher opponent this week and she was shaken

From Our Founder

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie is the founder of Eye On My City. Her background of working with CEOs for 30 years and as one of the nation’s most well known leaders of the tea party movement has given her the innate ability to see what every day Americans want from their government. Her bottom-line to what people want from government is this — “Not much and to be left alone!”

She realized government had become too BIG and the freedoms of Americans were lessened daily. Corruption and cronyism seemed to be the norm and that wasn’t right! She also watched the local media lie and twist facts in the newspaper and on the local news stations. This tactic wasn’t just at the national level, but locally the media had turned sour too! It got so bad that local newspapers started shrinking and disappearing because readership no longer believed their stories.

She concluded her influence in the realm of business and politics meant she must do something to help others understand how dangerously close we all are to losing more and more of our freedoms. The one way she could help would be through providing the “other side of the story” at Eye On My City.

In 2019, Billie formed the first Eye On My City in Jacksonville, FL and is proud Eye has become a platform to be reckoned with in her hometown. Eye helped expose one of the biggest scandals that resulted in the indictment of city players in a scheme to sell Jacksonville’s number one asset, the Jacksonville Electric Authority. Other stories created anxiety of local city leaders and many were thrilled that good stories were written when they did good things!

The results of this platform is now helping us move across America. We know it works. We know people want it. We know it’s time for more Eyes to open up in all communities across the country.

May the “Eyes” have it and may God bless America!